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The ADI did not apply to infants under 12 weeks of age and further work required if the use was to be extended to infant foods included the determination of oral non-adverse effect levels of glutamates in neonatal animals and age correlations between neonatal experimental animals and the human infant.

Since the last review additional data have become available and are summarized and discussed in the following monograph.

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The previously-published monographs have been expanded and are incorporated into this monograph. Quantitatively minor but physiologically important pathways of glutamate metabolism involve decarboxylation to gamma-aminobutyrate GABA and amidation to glutamine Meister, A number of reviews on metabolism of glutamate that contain more comprehensive information have been published Munro, ; Meister, ; Stegink, Glutamate is absorbed from the gut by an active transport system specific for amino acids.

This process is saturable, can be competitively inhibited, and is dependent on sodium ion concentration Schultz et al. During intestinal absorption, a large proportion of glutamic acid is transaminated and consequently alanine levels in portal blood are elevated.

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If single source inc schaumburg il amounts of glutamate are ingested, portal glutamate levels increase Stegink, This elevation results in increased hepatic metabolism of glutamate, leading to release of glucose, lactate, glutamine, and other amino acids, into systemic circulation Stegink, c. The pharmacokinetics of glutamate depend on whether it is free or incorporated into protein, and on the presence of other food components.

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Digestion of protein in the intestinal lumen and at the brush border produces a mixture of small peptides and amino acids; di-and tri-peptides may enter the absorptive cells where intracellular hydrolysis may occur, liberating further amino acids. Defects are known in both amino acid and peptide transport Matthews, Glutamic acid in dietary protein, together with endogenous protein secreted into the gut, is digested to free amino acids and small peptides, both of which are absorbed into mucosal cells where peptides are hydrolyzed to free amino acids and some of the glutamate is metabolized.

Excess glutamate and other amino acids appear in portal blood. As a consequence of the rapid metabolism of glutamate in intestinal single source inc schaumburg il cells and single source inc schaumburg il the liver, systemic plasma levels are low, even after ingestion of large amounts of dietary protein Munro, ; Meister, ; Stegink, Oral administration of pharmacologically high doses of glutamate results in elevated plasma levels.

The peak plasma glutamate levels are both dose and concentration dependent Stegink et al.

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Conversely, when MSG 1. Peak plasma glutamate levels were lowest in adult monkeys 6 times fasting levels and highest in mice times fasting levels. Age-related differences between neonares and adults were observed; in mice and rats, peak plasma levels and area under curve were higher in infants than in adults while in guinea pigs the converse was observed Stegink et al. Studies on the effects of food on glutamate absorption have been carried out in mice, pigs, and monkeys.

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When infant mice were given MSG with infant formula or when adults were given MSG with consomme by gastric intubation, peak plasma glutamate levels were markedly lower than when the same dose was given in water, and the time to reach peak levels was longer Ohara et al. The simultaneous administration of metabolizable carbohydrate was found to increase glutamate metabolism in mice, pigs, and monkeys, single source inc schaumburg il to lowered peak plasma levels Stegink et al.

In contrast to gastric intubation, ad lib feeding of MSG in the diet caused only slight elevation of plasma glutamate above basal levels Ohara et al.

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Metabolic studies in humans Similar effects of food on glutamate absorption and plasma levels have been observed in man. Human plasma glutamate levels were much lower when large doses of MSG were ingested with meals compared to ingestion in water; in studies in which MSG was given with tomato juice, sloppy joes, Sustagen, Polycose, starch, or sucrose, metabolizable carbohydrate significantly lowered peak plasma glutamate levels Bizzi et al. Carbohydrate provides pyruvate as a substrate for transamination with glutamate in mucosal cells so that more alanine is formed and less glutamate reaches the portal circulation Stegink et al.

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Higher rates of infusion resulted in maternal plasma glutamate levels up to 70 times basal levels, but fetal levels increased less than 10 times Stegink et al. In vitro perfusion studies using human placenta indicated that the placenta served as an effective metabolic barrier to the transfer of glutamic acid Schneider et al. Special studies on the blood brain barrier Glutamate levels are far higher in the brain than in plasma in mice, rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits Garattini, Giacometti, ; Bizzi et al.

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Efflux of glutamate from the brain has been reported to be seven times greater than influx, reflecting biosynthesis in the brain.

The transport rate of glutamate from blood to the brain is much lower than for neutral or basic amino acids Oldendoff, Normal plasma glutamate levels are nearly 4 times the Km of the transport rate to the brain, so that glutamate transport systems are virtually saturated under physiological conditions Pardridge, In guinea pigs, rats, and mice, brain glutamic acid levels remained unchanged after administration of large oral doses of MSG which single source inc schaumburg il in plasma levels increasing up to fold Peng et al.


Bizzi et al. Peak plasma glutamate levels were times normal after these doses Airoldi et al. Endocrinology studies Numerous wie per mail flirten have been carried out in which large doses of MSG were administered by subcutaneous or intraperitoneal injection to neonatal mice.

The observed obesity in these studies was associated with decreased adrenaline-stimulated lipolysis.

Glutamic acid and its salts (WHO Food Additives Series 22)

Decreased pituitary weight and impaired pituitary function resulted in atrophy of related target organs such as the gonads, accessory sexual organs, thyroids, and adrenals. Prolactin and growth hormone levels were depressed, but hypothalamic LHRF was reported to be unaffected Lechan et al. Similar experiments in rats also resulted in stunting and obesity, with reduction in weights of the pituitary, adrenals, and gonads. The effects of treatment are age-dependent in both mice and rats.

Neonatal rats show a permanent reduction in GH secretion without evidence of excessive prolactin secretion whereas acute administration of MSG to adults causes suppression of GH and PRL release by effects on the dopamine systems in the medial basal hypothalamus Terry et al.

Reduction in weight of the endocrine glands without obvious histological changes did not affect fertility Trentini et al.

Glutamate is also involved in the synthesis of proteins Krnjevic, Taste physiology Chemical senses taste and olfaction affect the cephalic phase of secretion of gastric acid, the exocrine pancreas, gastrin, glucagon, insulin, and pancreatic polypeptide hormone Brand et al.

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MSG has a unique taste, called umami Ikeda, and in addition glutamate has flavour-enhancing properties in some foods Kirimura et al. Nutritional aspects L-Glutamic acid occurs as a common constituent of proteins and protein hydrolysates.

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Nutritional studies in the rat have shown glutamic acid to be a non-essential amino acid that is required in substantial amounts to ensure high growth rates in rats Hepburn et al. The free amino acid pools in the tissues constitute about 70 g in the adult, of which the major components are alanine, glutamic acid, glutamine, and glycine. The daily turnover of glutamic acid in a 70 kg man has been estimated as 4, mg Munro, Human plasma contains 4.

Human spinal fluid contains 0.

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Table 1. Glutamine and glutamic acid are the most abundant amino acids in the milk of all species; human milk contains 1. In contrast, cow's milk contains 3.

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Human or chimpanzee milk is 10 times higher in free glutamate than is rodent milk Rassin et al. The breast-fed infant in the USA ingests more glutamate, on a body-weight basis, than at any other time of life Baker et al.

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