Single shoulder messenger bag. Product details

The carrying strap is attached at a first end to the top of the bag.

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The single shoulder messenger bag is longitudinally dividable with a zipper incorporated into the strap. When in the backpack mode the zipper is open to define a pair of straps, the lower ends of which are connected to D-rings on lateral sides of the front panel.

When in the shoulder bag mode the zipper is closed and the lower ends of both straps are connected to a D-ring on a side panel of the bag. While there are many variations on the strapping systems used in backpacks, nearly all backpacks rely upon this basic two-strap arrangement.

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On the other hand, a shoulder bag is a type of bag that is worn on the user's back, except with a shoulder bag only a single strap is slung over one of the user's shoulders. Whether a bag is worn as a backpack or a single shoulder messenger bag bag depends to some extent upon the type of activity in which the user is engaged. For instance, when a bag is being used while hiking it is advantageous to wear a backpack since the two-strap system provides a more stable and secure manner of carrying a flirten synoniem, and leaves both hands free for other uses.

On the other hand, when shoulder bag is used it is easier to single shoulder messenger bag the contents of the bag. But because the bag is less stable when worn as a shoulder bag than when worn as a backpack, it is often necessary to adjust the position of the strap or the bag itself.

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A backpack may be worn as a shoulder bag--that is, with only one of the two straps slung over one shoulder. However, when worn in this fashion the unused backpack strap is often in the way.

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Furthermore, the backpack bag may not be designed for use in this manner and may not be very comfortable. A single-strap shoulder bag may not, of course, be worn as a two-strap backpack. The advantages of a bag that is convertible from a traditional two-strap backpack arrangement into single-strap shoulder bag have been recognized for many years.

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These advantages include the ability to readily move the bag from one orientation to another and in this way relieve stress on the user's back by moving the bag from one carrying position to another. This can be important when the bag is used to carry relatively heavy or bulky loads, such as schoolbooks.

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Other advantages include the ability to wear the bag in different orientations depending upon the user's specific needs. For instance, the bag may be worn as a backpack when the user is hiking, and may be worn as a shoulder bag when the user has a need to access the contents of the bag quickly.

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Ergonomic considerations in the design of backpacks are equally important as the basic design of the bag and the strap system. Over the past years designers have come to recognize that the usability of bags and luggage, like many other useful articles, can be greatly improved by designing the products in such a single shoulder messenger bag that pays attention to the how the user interacts with the products.

By paying attention to how the bag is used, how it is worn, and by other factors, and by designing the bag in a manner that allows it to conform to the user's normal body positions and uses, the bag may be made much more "user-friendly" and comfortable.

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However, while strap systems that allow bags to be converted from a backpack to a shoulder bag are known, ergonomic design principals have not been incorporated into past designs of such convertible backpacks and shoulder bags. To facilitate convertibility of a bag from a backpack into a shoulder bag, the bag must typically include a strap system that allows the bag to be used single shoulder messenger bag either two straps--slung over each shoulder for the traditional backpack arrangement--or a single strap worn waage mann dating one shoulder as a shoulder bag.