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Not only is the city providing former army facilities as reception camps to the North Rhine Westfalian authorities.

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Refugees who are allocated to Münster usually go to the Oxford barracks first, where the city's Social Office has established facilities for the initial reception of families and single refugees.

All refugees are given a warm welcome and first orientation, so that they may have a good start in Münster.

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The Social Office finds them a new home and helps to develop a perspective for their new phase of life in Münster. The refugees receive medical attention. Children and youngsters get advice on schooling and an immediate two weeks German course.

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The Immigration Office and the help organisations offer consultation on all topics which may be of interest. Plus, there is an immense number of volunteers and citizens' groups who are ready to help with administrative paperwork, support language lessons, give moral support, and offer their help as first contacts and networking partners.

The city has forged nine twinning relationships since They create a context for encounters and understanding between thousands of people from schools and universities, sports, culture and partnership associations, year after year.

They have also resulted in a multitude of personal friendships around open singles munster globe. Cultural associations, clubs and public institutions all act as meeting points.

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Intercultural encounters and international understanding are a feature of everyday open singles munster in the city. Below is a selection of international associations: Afrika e.

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