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Metrics details Abstract Theoretically as well as alongside an empirical research idea, this paper outlines conditions for the development of social scientific empirical methods able to further exploit the iconic potential of the image. Within the context of language, standards of communication have already been extensively researched.

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  • The problem was that even well-trained and motivated employees could not apply their new knowledge and skills when they returned to their units, which were entrenched in established ways of doing things.
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The linguistic format of the narrative, for instance, is well studied. Up to now, though, comparable formal vehicles of iconic semantics have only been examined in aesthetics and art history. Nevertheless, standards of iconic understanding are part of our implicit knowledge, are incessantly in use in everyday practice and, thus, the basis of everyday identity formation.

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With the help of empirical methods based on an iconic logos we can deepen our understanding of orientations, longings, and anxieties of our time that are often silently conveyed by images. Fashion will be outlined as a prototypical field, in which an empirically based development of such methods might start off.

In consequence of viral diseases several millions of people die every year all over the world. Due to the rapid evolution of viruses their drug development and treatment are especially difficult. The present work aims at getting a better understanding of the ongoing signaling processes of certain diseases. Recent biological and technological advances in the fi eld of RNAi enable the knockdown of individual genes in a high-content high-throughput manner.

Introduction Asking for iconicity within the social sciences is part of a larger trend witnessed in numerous conferences, research foci, and publications dedicated to visual studies, the German Bildwissenschaft, Footnote 1 or visual communication and image interpretation.

Not only the social sciences and the humanities, but also philosophy, cultural studies, and history embrace this trend. Consequently, research questions are manifold.

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To name a few: It has been asked to what extend and how images constitute scientific knowledge production e. Though some debates are confined to single disciplines, transdisciplinary research projects are strongly on the rise.

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The transdisciplinary and young project Bildwissenschaft Belting b is a focal point within the above-mentioned trend. It asks radically new questions that are of crucial relevance for the fundamental theories of the humanities. From a media theoretical perspective, i.

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This development does not merely reflect the digital revolution with the heightened presence of image that is accompanying it; much more importantly does it allow to focus on a systematic understanding of a pervasive mode of human communication, i. Images are cultivated in our socialization and are permanently active in our ideas im not single im not taken meaning imagination. Sometimes these processes are conscious and intentional. Most often, however, they are beyond the threshold of conscious perception, decision-making, and aims e.

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Our access to the world is no less structured by images than it is by language. By taking our ability to picture the world seriously, we have to admit that images, like language, are not a posteriori givens but constitute the condition for the possibility of our entire Weltanschauung; it is important to note that both, language and images, not only conserve and transmit such Weltanschauung, but are always the places of its mediation and negotiation.

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